Pacifica Choirs registers new students throughout the year, with most students joining in time for the Fall and Spring semesters (September and January).

  1. Complete the online Request for Information or download a printable version
  2. Admittance to the Children’s Chorus (Kindergarten-1st grade) does not require an audition.  If your child is in the second grade or older, the choir director, Susan Senft, will contact you upon receiving the form to arrange an audition. Auditions are very child-friendly and intended to get a sense of your child’s musicality and ability to read music. Children can be expected to sing a simple song. At this time, Susan will answer any questions that you may have about the choir.
  3. Once you and Susan have confirmed your child’s placement and participation, you will receive a choir contract to sign and return with payment. Pacifica offers several payment plans that are described within its tuition information.

If you are interested in learning more about the choir, Susan can connect you with a parent of a current choir member. We welcome the opportunity to talk with you more about the choir and your child’s musical interests.


Choir Grades Rehearsal length Entry level Time period
Children’s Chorus K-2 50 minutes $ 546 7 months
Treble Choir 2-4 1.25 hours $ 768 8 months
Ensemble 4-7 1.75 hours $ 928 8 months
Chamber Singers 7-12 2.25 hours $ 1136 8 months

Important Information

  1. Tuition is pro-rated to the date of entry.
  2. A sibling discount of 50% is taken from the younger child’s tuition; if three children enter from one family, a further discount of 30% is taken from the youngest child’s tuition.
  3. A sliding scale or scholarship is available to families with needing financial aid.
  4. Payments may be made in one or two payments, or monthly with a small administrative fee.
  5. Every member is expected to purchase a choir T-shirt ($17) which is worn at the spring concerts.

Fundraising Expectations

​Each family is expected to make a donation to the annual fund.

We look forward to welcoming you to our community!