Our mission is to provide quality music instruction with the goal of attaining the highest level of artistic excellence in choral music performance.  


The Pacifica program consists of four groups: the Children’s Chorus, Interludes-A, Interludes-B, and Chamber Singers.  The choir program is supported by an invaluable group of staff, volunteers, and board members.  

Susan Senft, Founder and Conductor

Susan Senft founded Pacifica Children’s Chorus in 1993 and has served as its Artistic Director for the last 21 years.  She also conducts the Chamber Singers.  Read more here.


Sarah Riskind

Accompaniment Staff

Pacifica Choirs are privileged to work with two fantastic accompanists, Casie Dietrich and Thomas Hecker.

Board and Volunteers

Pacifica Choirs is guided by a board of directors:

  • Natalya Yudkovsky
  • Susan Senft
  • Desiree Tabares

A large part of Pacifica’s success as a choir lies in the active community of volunteers that support its programs. Parents of all singers volunteer in some capacity during the course of the year, and a few committees support specific initiatives of the choir. A partial list of volunteers opportunities include these functions:

  • Auction committee
  • Event staffing
  • Graphic design for programs and posters
  • Grantwriting
  • Fundraising
  • Website upkeep
  • Communication outreach

Our Partners

Pacifica Choirs partners with local and national music leaders and performers in order to enrich the education and exposure that our participants receive to world music. Recent partners include:

  • Jen Morris is the director of onefourfive, one of the few choral groups in the United States devoted to the music of the country of Georgia.
  • Mary Sherhart is one of America’s leading teachers and performers of traditional Balkan vocal music.
  • Eduardo Mendonca worked with our Children’s Choir on music from Brazil.
  • Dave and the Dalmations have partnered with the Chamber choir on music from Croatia and beyond.

Pacifica also welcomes collaboration with guest choirs. Past guest choir appearances have included the Eckstein Middle School Jazz Choir, Oregon Repertory Singers, and the Tuscon Boys Chorus.

The Indianapolis Children’s Choir is one of Pacifica’s organizational models and The Puget Sound Revels provided inspiration in the founding of the Pacifica Choirs.  Special mention also goes to The Balkan Cabaret who generously donated their talents for a benefit concert and the Gamelan Pacifica , a Javanese gong-chime percussion orchestra.